Beat The Clock (1985) LED Kit


This is a classic style LED kit for Midway 1985 Beat The Clock. It contains all the inserts color matched, non ghosting, all the GI bulbs, and all the backbox bulbs needed for your game. This is a full bulb replacement for your game.

Our LEDs are made especially for pinball machines and will last 100,000+ hours each.

Note: This is a bally 6803 game and the inserts on this game will flicker. There aren't any easy solutions to this. The GI and backbox will not flicker. This is not a problem with the LED bulbs, but a problem with how the game drives the lamps.

Price: $144.99
This is a flipper strip that you can attach to the ball trough and cilp onto the GI to light up between the flippers in cool white.